Protest statement denounces Turkey’s expulsion of foreign journalists

After two German journalists were expelled from Turkey International freedom of expression organisations have urged the authorities to revoke the decisions, stop the expulsion and threats to foreign journalists and renew press cards to foreign media outlets....  

AEJ condemns Ukraine‘s entry ban for Austrian journalist

Austrian Radio and TV-correspondent Christian Wehrschuetz was refused permission to enter Ukraine for reporting purposes on March 7th. The ban was described as unacceptable by Austria’s foreign minister. The Ukrainian security service SBU accused  Wehrschutz of illegally entering the Crimean peninsula and of „anti-Ukrainian propaganda“, but Wehrschuetz has disputed both claims...

Slovakia: Dubcek-son announced candidacy for European elections

AEJ and other media organizations in a common event ask for more pressure of EU-institutions to find real culprits of murders of journalists Jan Kuciak and Daphne Galicia Caruana

Debate in Vienna: Fred Turnheim (OJC), Pavol Dubcek, Tibor Macak (AEJ) and Rubina Mohring (RwB)

Call for justice and accountability of state authorities on the anniversary of the murder of Jan Kuciak

On behalf of the undersigned media freedom organisations, representing thousands of journalists and human rights activists across Europe, the AEJ and other signatories of this appeal urge the Slovak authorities to immediately start examining state responsibility in the failure to prevent the assassination of Jan Kuciak....

Joint press freedom report says Europe’s democracy in danger: way opens to more ‘assertive’ actions to curb anti-press violence and impunity

This week’s launch of a hard-hitting report by the AEJ and 11 other organisations on the decline of press freedom and democratic safeguards in Europe has fuelled a re-think of the tools and mechanisms to be used by European institutions to prevent a further slide towards authoritarianism. There will be a new focus on close-up monitoring and other ‘determined’ responses to what are recognised as real threats to democratic institutions across Europe…

"Athens Review of Books" in danger by defamation-ruling

The Greek magazine is in danger after a court ruling because of a reader’s letter branding the former Greek Foreign minister Kotzias as stalinist

AEJ demands action to stop adoption of intrusive Bulgarian data law, sees new threat to press freedom

  The international AEJ appeals to Bulgarian politicians and to European institutions that defend freedom of the press to speak out urgently against proposals now before the Bulgarian parliament. Sweeping changes planned in the Law for Protection of Personal Data would remove vital safeguards for journalists and open the door to censorship…    

Launch of Annual Report on threats and attacks against media freedom in 2018 by Council of Europe partner organisations

On Tuesday 12 February the twelve Partner Organisations contributing the Council of Europe’s Platform for alerts on serious threats against media freedom will introduce the findings and recommendations from their in-depth Annual Report on 2018 titled ’Democracy At Risk’ at an event with MEPs in the European Parliament. Representatives of the partners, including the AEJ, will earlier present the Report to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe,Thorbjorn Jagland...

Guido Farolfi (1931-2019)

Prominent Italian journalist and former President of AEJ-Italia died

Hungarian drama staged in Vienna

Debate about cultural and media-freedom in Hungary

Debate in Vienna: Mercedes Echerer, Otmar Lahodynsky, Marton Gulyas

Turkish news website threatened with violence “like the Charlie Hebdo attack”

Mufti calls for attacks against journalists of major Turkish News-website

AEJ Turkey’s annual survey of press freedom shows further steps tightening the chains on media’s ability to report the truth

AEJ Turkey, with other members of the joint G-9 press freedom Platform, says that 145 journalists are still in jail for their work in Turkey, and another terrible year saw a series of deliberate actions by the government that have further stifled the ability of the media to inform the public...

Europe must be more than a ATM-machine

The European Union is poised to lose a member. The citizens of Europe should now stand up to safeguard the basic values of the EU.

Press freedom solidarity mission to Slovakia calls for full justice over Jan Kuciak’s murder

On Thursday December 6 the AEJ joined eight other partner organisations that publish regular press freedom alerts on the Council of Europe’s Safety of Journalists website in making a visit to the Slovak capital, Bratislava. In meetings with Slovak Interior Ministry and police officials members of the mission pressed for all those responsible for February’s murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee to be brought to justice…

Enemies of media freedom on the rise in Bulgaria, AEJ report finds

An in-depth-ranging Report by AEJ-Bulgaria analyses the retreat of media freedom in the spheres of politics, business and society. Its troubling conclusion is that a repressive regulatory media environment and fierce campaigns to discredit investigative journalism strengthened the grip of the enemies of independent media in Bulgaria in 2018...

New AEJ-board elected at congress in Greece

Elections at AEJ-congress in Vonitsa/Western Greece

VP Javier Arribas, VP Saia Tsaousidou, Pres. Otmar Lahodynsky, VP Oana Enachescu, Gen.Secr. Tibor Macak

AEJ protests: pro-government media conglomerate in Hungary threatens the survival of media plurality

The international Association of European Journalists (AEJ) joins calls made by European journalists’ unions and independent national journalistic bodies in Hungary for a halt to the newly-announced plan to form a nation-wide bloc of pro-governmental media titles in Hungary which threatens to put an end to media pluralism…

AEJ Hungarian Section calls for a stop to the criminal prosecution of journalist Andras Dezso

The Board of the Hungarian Section of the AEJ endorses and joins the protest of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) against the decision by Budapest prosecutor to bring criminal charges against investigative reporter Andras Dezso. The journalist work for, the biggest independent Hungarian website...

AEJ says „No impunity“ for Saudi journalist’s murder: joint statement issued with Arab media NGO

The AEJ and the Journalist Support Committee NGO call jointly for international law and justice so that everyone responsible for the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi are duly punished...

AEJ joins London Vigil for Daphne on first anniversary of her brutal murder: an urgent call for justice

The AEJ, with PEN International, Reporters Without Borders and five other free expression and anti-corruption organisations will hold a candle-light Vigil in central London, with readings from Daphne’s own writings, on Tuesday 16 October, the first anniversary of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Malta’s best-known investigative journalist. The event pays tribute to Daphne’s exceptional courage in the pursuit of truth, and calls for her killers to be brought to justice without delay…  

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