Minutes AEJ Board meeting, 18 of May 2019 Springer Schlossl, Vienna, Austria

Otmar opened the meeting with the breaking news on Strache videotape scandal that later on led to Strache dismissal, disintegration of the ruling coalition in Austria, dismissals of several ministers and later on with a non-confidence vote against Sebastian Kurz’ government. All was well provisioned in the discussion with Otmar. The Skype call with William started as scheduled at 11.00am still in absence of Tibor due to the cancellation of his train from Bratislava.


As delivered to the General Assembly

AEJ Annual Congress in Vilnius prompts pledge of "smart" response to Russian disinformation

Lithuania’s Vice Foreign Minister, DariusSkusevicius, spoke at the AEJ’s Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Friday 17 November,and he outlined to the association’s member journalists from 20 countries the ‘smart’ policies his government as a NATO member is pursuing to combat what he called Russia’s ‘information war’ of hostile disinformation and false news campaigns.

Ukraine Media Freedom report at AEJ annual Congress in Vilnius

Deadly violence and repression against journalists and a persistent lack of legal safeguards are features of the media environment in Ukraine in the past year, despite pressures for sweeping reform, as armed conflict continues to de-stabilise part of the country. As AEJ journalists from across Europe gather in Vilnius for the association’s annual Congress, this report on the work of the media against the background of war and the cross-border ‘information war’…

The annual General Assembly of the European Association Journalists (AEJ) meeting in Kilkenny, Ireland on 4 -6 November 2016

The AEJ’s Congress in Kilkenny in south-eastern Ireland on 4 -6 November debated Brexit and the rise of demagoguery, the threat to journalism in a brave new media world, and talk of a so-called ‘post-truth era’, under the overall theme of ‘The changing face of Europe and its media ’.

AEJ Congress in Sibiu, Romania 2015, debates politics and media roles in critical times for Europe

The AEJ Congress theme, “Europe in Turmoil- Reflections in Politics and Media” was timely, as Romania has been plunged into deep political uncertainty following the deadly fire at Bucharest's Colectiv club on 30 October which killed 41 people. Large-scale public vigils and protests against political corruption and mismanagement have taken place in dozens of Romanian towns and cities.

The annual General Assembly of the European Association Journalists (AEJ) meeting in Burgenland, Austria - Novembre 2014

The annual General Assembly of the European Association Journalists (AEJ) meeting in Burgenland, Austria, condemns as unacceptable the high number of violent attacks against journalists, acts of arbitrary harassment and interference, and other attacks against media freedom and freedom of expression in European countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Turkey and Russia.


The Association of European Journalists gathered in the EU capital for its 51st Congress and General Assembly on Friday November 22. ‘Journalism and democracy in a time of flux…’ was the theme of the successful congress (see special item below).

Annual Congress 2012 - Offida

The AEJ’s 2012 Congress and Assembly in Offida, in Italy’s east coast Marche region from October 25 to 28, gathered the widest ever selection of journalists from twenty countries from east and west Europe.

Annual Congress 2011 - Bucharest

The 2011 annual congress was held in Bucharest on 10-12 November. All AEJ sections thank our Romanian Section for organising a successful and memorable event. The theme of the congress was “Freedom and Responsibility in the Mass Media”. Romania’s foreign minister, Teodor Baconschi, told journalists who gathered in Bucharest from all over Europe that “there is a lot of corruption in politics and the press” in Romania.

Annual Congress 2010 - Ordu

From 7 till 11 October, representatives from 24 national sections of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) and several associated journalist organisations, gathered in the wonderful and picturesque city of Ordu, Turkey for the 48th Annual Congress and General Assembly of AEJ. This years' themes were 'The role of media and tourism in bringing closer nations/societies in conflict'; 'Turkey: a chance or burden for Europe' and 'Media Freedom: Current Problems and Issues'.

Annual Congress 2009 - Maastricht

Organised by its Dutch section, the Association of European Journalists held its annual congress this year in Maastricht, from November 19 to 22. More then 100 delegates from nearly all 24 national sections and special guests gathered in the city where one of the most important European Treaties was signed in 1992.

Annual Congress 2008 - Linz

The 2008 Congress/General Assembly of the Association of European Jounalists (AEJ), organised by Otmar Lahodynsky, AEJ Austria President, in the Austrian city of Linz, became one of the best AEJ Congresses of the last years. The 80 delegates were offered an insight into the preparations and programme of Linz 2009 European Capital of Europe. A tour of this ancient city on the Danube resulted in a completely fresh perspective of the city.

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