Newsletter November 2018

Message of AEJ President Dear friends and colleagues: Rough times for European integration and journalists covering it. Rough times also for media freedom menaced by populist leaders, strategically planned disinformation and grwoing fake news.

24/01/2016 AEJ Newsletter 1 - 2016

Otmar Lahodynsky, AEJ Int. President: I wish all members and their families a happy and successful New Year, and hope to meet as many of you as possible at our next congress. Venue and dates will be communicated soon.

30/10/2014 Newsletter no 2- 2014

Otmar Lahodynsky (59), Austrian journalist and EU-expert, follows Eileen Dunne as the Association’s President.

30/06/2014 - Newsletter no.1 - 2014

The Board of the International AEJ held its first official meeting in Dublin (April 12, 2014). Those present included President Eileen Dunne, Secretary-General Tibor Macak, Vice-Presidents David Lennon, Isaia Tsaousidou and Javier F. Arribas, Treasurer Luigi Cobisi and Special Representatives N. Peter Kramer (Brussels) and William Horsley (Media Freedom). Kristina Hristova sent her regrets, work commitments prevented her from attending. On the agenda the following subjects: AEJ Membership criteria (Article 5 of Statute), situation around the AEJ Romanian Section, Media Funding, Special Representatives’ reports, Congress and General Assembly 2014, Finances, Young journalists’ competition in co-operation with the European Commission. All Secretary Generals AEJ national sections received the minutes of the Board meeting.

26/12/2013 Newsletter no. 2 2013

As we approach the Festive season, and following on our Congress and General Assembly in Brussels last month - time once again to put pen to paper... For those of you who couldn't make it we had a very constructive and productive Congress and General Assembly in Brussels, made all the more pleasurable by the very smooth organisation, and for that our deep thanks to Peter Kramer and his colleagues at the Press Club of Brussels

12/08/2013 - NewsLetter no. 2 - 2013

As we head into the Summer break, time to take stock of developments in the AEJ in the past few months – see below for accounts of the various activities AEJ members have been involved in, but also note that discussions have been taking place on a number of fronts-with old and new friends and about several potential projects ... these discussions have at times exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the AEJ and given much food for thought ... most pressing the future of free, independent journalism, and how public funds might be used to support that...

12/04/2013 Newsletter no.1 - 2013

12/07/2012 - Newsletter no. 2 - 2012

10/04/2012 - Newsletter no. 1 - 2012

25/11/2011 - Newsletter no. 3 - 2011

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13/07/2011 - NewsLetter no. 2 - 2011

04/11/2011 - Newsletter no. 1 - 2011

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05/11/2010 - Newsletter no. 4 - 2010

16/07/2010 - Newsletter no. 3 - 2010

27/03/2010 - Newsletter no. 2 - 2010

08/01/2010 - Newsletter no. 1 - 2010

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31/03/2009 – NewsLetter no. 1 – 2009

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