Turkey: May 3 is a day to resist oppression

Turkish journalists’ organizations stressed on May 3rd “World Press Freedom Day” that the day was not a day for celebration but a day to resist oppression against the media.

The G-9 Platform, Freedom For Journalists Platform two umbrella organizations for journalists’ associations and unions including AEJ Turkey made joint statements and several other actions such as panels, protest gatherings and underlining the problems of media in television programs.

In Istanbul, a group of journalists gathered in the Galatasaray Square and read the joint declaration which said “There is no press freedom and there is no day for us to celebrate. This day can only be a day of resistance against oppression”.

G-9 Platform opened an hashtag (#ÖzgürBasınİçinElele / #HandInHandForFreePress ) and called all journalists to share it during the day.

A joint statement underlining the prosecution of journalists, heavy fines against opposition media, deportation of foreign journalists and massive unemployment was made also in Ankara.

L. Doğan Tilic had a 20 minutes intervention into program in the Turkish Cypriot public TV BRT and talked about the press freedom situation in Turkey.

A panel was organized in the Communication Faculty of Ankara University and Ahmet Abakay, chairman of one of the G-9 Platform organizations (Progressive Journalists Association) spoke in that panel underlining the problems of media.