AEJ Organisation

Elected Officers




At the 2018 AEJ General Assembly in Greece the following officers were elected for a 2 years term:



Otmar Lahodynsky, Austria


Tibor Macak, Slovakia 


Saia Tsaousidou, Greece


Javier F. Arribas, Spain 


Oana Enachescu, Romania 


Luigi Cobisi, Italy 


Representative for Media Freedom  

William Horsley, UK 

Representative for Fake news

Irina Nedeva, Bulgaria

Representaive for Brussels

Lieven Taillie, Belgium


Athanase Papandropoulos Greece, Diego Carcedo Spain and Eileen Dunne Ireland are Honorary Presidents of the AEJ.  

Carmelo Occhino Italy and Dogan Tilic Turkey are Honorary Vice - Presidents.  

Miguel Angel Aguilar Spain, Juraj Alner Slovakia, Peter Kramer Belgium are Honorary Secretary Generals.



AEJ Int. Audit Committee 

David Lennon, UK

Mike Springate, UK

Soren Haar, Belgium


AEJ Int. Arbitration Committee

Jozsef Horvath 

Pedro Gonzalez Martinez


Short presentations of the board members:


Otmar Lahodynsky, Austria 

Austrian journalist and EU-expert,  President of AEJ.  Austrian journalist (Magazine "profil") and former EU-correspondent became president of  the Austrian section of AEJ in 2004. He is the author of the first textbook about the European Union "EU for you!" (with Wolfgang Bohm)  so far published in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Romania, Montenegro and Turkey. Re-elected by the General Assembly, held in Aitoloakarnania, Greece.

Tibor Macak, Slovakia 

AEJ’s Secretary General during the General Assembly of 2012 held in Offida (Italy). He is Secretary General of AEJ Slovak section since 2008. He works as editor and commentator by public Slovak radio and television RTVS, foreign news desk. Former was correspondent of public Slovak news Agency TASR in Germany and wrote also articles about foreign politics for some slovak print media. Re-elected by the General Assembly 2018, held in Aitoakarnania, Greece.

Saia Tsaousidou, Greece

Vice President of the International AEJ since October 2010; President of the Greek section; Treasurer of the International AEJ 2004-2010; Greek-based freelance journalist; Professor in private school of journalism. Editor-in-chief of, Hephaestus Radio and  Re-elected by the General Assembly 2018, held in Aitoloakarnania, Greece. 

Javier Fernandez Arribas, Spain

Vice President of the International AEJ since October 2010; member of executive committee of the Spanish AEJ since 2004; was news and program editor of Punto Radio (Vocento) since 2004 and is now freelance political analyst for TVE, CNN+ and Telemadrid. Re-elected by the General Assembly 2018, held in Aitoloakarnania, Greece.

Oana Enachescu, Romania

Vice President of the International AEJ during the General Assembly held in Agriniou, Greece, December 2018. Secretary General of Romanian Section of AEJ. Producer in National Romanian Broadcasting – Cultural Department since 2001, working on programs about cultural life in Romania and whole world.


Luigi Cobisi, Italy 

Treasurer of the International AEJ since 2010, member of the Italian Section; Editor of the "Italradio" review (magazine and website) since 1996; author (most recent publication "Orario Radio 2010") and director of the handbook series for Edizioni Medicea in Florence. Since 2007 is a member of the Italian National Professional Council of Journalism (Ordine dei Giornalisti). Re-elected by the General Assembly 2018, held in Aitoloakarnania, Greece.

William Horsley, UK 

AEJ Media Freedom Representative since 2007. Chairman AEJ UK Section since 2002; London-based journalist and broadcaster for BBC News Online and other media; BBC Foreign News Correspondent 1983-2007; International Director, Centre for Freedom of the Media; advisor to Index on Censorship and UK National Commission for UNESCO. Re-elected by the General Assembly 2018, held in Aitoloakarnania, Greece.



Honorary President


Athanase Papandropoulos  

International Honorary President since 1998; Former International President 1992-1998; President of the Greek section since 2008; Columnist at the daily newspapers "Estia", "Naftemporiki" and the weekly "Kosmos"; Anchorman for financial matters at SBC TV; Editorial consultant at "European Business Review" magazine.


Diego Carcedo   

President of the Spanish section of the AEJ since 2004, Honorary President of the AEJ since 2010, and its President from 2006 till 2010. He has directed RNE, Spain’s public radio station, as well as several departments at RTVE. Now he collaborates with several media including newspapers and radio stations.

Eileen Dunne  

Native of Dublin, Ireland. She was the International President of AEJ  2010-2014. She works as a senior Newscaster with RTE, Ireland’s national radio and television station, presenting the flagship 9 o’clock news. She has been a member of the AEJ since the early 1990s and Chair of the Irish section since 2002. 

Honorary Vice President

Carmelo Occhino 

Honorary Vice-President of the International AEJ since October 2010 and Secretary-General of AEJ Italy; ex Vice-President of the International AEJ (2006-2010); was editor farming and environment news of RAI and is now freelance.


L. Dogan Tilic   

Assoc. Prof. Dr., Honorary Vice-President of the AEJ since October 2012 and President of AEJ Turkey, works as reporter since 1986 and a lecturer at Turkey’s Middle East Technical University. Turkey reporter of Spain’s Agencia EFE, Columnist in Turkish daily BirGun. As reporter, he has been to several conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Yugoslavia. He is actively engaged in journalistic organisations and served as chairperson or executive board member of both national and international journalists’ associations. He found the AEJ Turkish Section and served as International Vice President of AEJ for several years. He is spokesperson of the G-9 Platform, which is an umbrella for the 12 leading Turkish journalists’ associations and actively working in the Freedom For Journalists Platform (GOP) of Turkey. He has got several journalistic awards, written academic articles and 5 books.


Miguel Angel Aguilar 

AEJ’s Honorary Secretary General, is Secretary General of the Association of European Journalists in Spain since it was founded in 1981. He has also been Secretary General of AEJ. His career started at Diario Madrid during the Spanish dictatorship, and continued in La Libre Belgique, Diario 16 and some others. Today, he collaborates with El Pais, Cadena SER, Telecinco and other top Spanish media.

Honorary Secretary General


Juraj Alner

PhDr., AEJ’s Honorary Secretary General, journalist and pedagogue; 1964 – 1968 editor of daily newspaper Lud; 1970-1989 released from his job as ,"anticommunist", not allowed to publicize; November 1989 working together with the Students Committee and the "People against Violence" during the revolutionary movement; 1993-2007 founder and president of the Slovak section of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ); 2002-2004 AEJ international secretary general; since 1993 Team Europe member (EU); 1994-2012 Secretary general of the Paneuropean Union Slovakia; 1996 Slovak journalist Award; 1997 Silver Medal from the President of the Slovak Republic; 1998 European Journalism Prize; since 2011 Honorary international secretary general of the AEJ. Author of hundreds articles, books (e.g. books of European integration, novels, poetry).

N. Peter Kramer  

He was AEJ Representative for ‘Brussels’. From 2004 till 2012 he was AEJ’s International Secretary General. He was also Secretary-General of the Belgian AEJ Section (2003-2010) and of the Dutch AEJ Section (1992-1998). Brussels based Editor-in-chief and EU correspondent for European Business Review (magazine and website) since 2004; author (most recent publication Het Brussels Labyrinth). He is an advisor to the board of the EurActiv Foundation.