Present: Otmar Lahodynsky (O.L), Tibor Macak (T.M), Javier Fernandez Arribas (J-F.A), William Horsley (W.H), Saia Tsaousidou (S.T), Lieven Taillie (L.T)

Absent: Luigi Cobisi


# For Information: GA (Saturday) location moved to Solzos Hotel, Vonitsa (from Mesolongi – technical reasons)

# Supporting docs: Agenda; Athanase Papandropoulos (AP), Gr Section President, Messages of 28/11 and 30/11

GA Minutes: Eileen Dunne offer accepted, with thanks


Some items discussed with no definite resolution


# 1  GA Draft Agenda item re-titled: “Welcome and early preparations for prospective AEJ Sections in Albania & Malta”

[not “..entry” of].  New info (O.L) : Albanian journalist Arbet Hitaj to be invited to speak to GA about early preparations towards setting up new section.

+ GA to welcome revival of bi-communal Cyprus section: Kyriakos Pierides and Hasan Kahvecioglu present at GA as GA guests



# 2 GA Draft Agenda item: “New Greek section was founded: reasons/explanation by Saia Tsaousidou

Follow-up email letter from A.P. received today. Discussion about the issue, legal significance and procedure to be followed in GA. Key points: Earlier email exchanges; A.P assurance ‘no 2nd AEJ section in Greece’ + AEJ Brussels Rep – clarity required for purposes of Belgian law (where AEJ officially registered)


# 3 Finance/budget : Audit Cttee report received; not available to discuss

New info: AEJ funding for travel to Greece of guests from Albania (1) and Cyprus (2) – Add to 2018 Spending report


# 4 AEJ Sections numbers and voting tally:

Sections requests for full explanation of voting system, preparation of proxies etc - noted

Point of order raised re late appearance of “Ukraine –exempted, 1 delegate by proxy” in absence of any actual record of section membership number; lack of previous agreement to “exempt” Ukraine. Clarification at GA?


# Nominations invited/gathered for Voting committee: Ed Steen, Jozsef Horvat, .Di Stefano, Simone Rapple – others?

Time at GA to be reserved for self-presentation of candidates for all posts (2 mins + brief Q and A)


# Arbitration and Conciliation committee nominations for 2019-20 (5 minimum acc. Statutes): Brindusa Armanca, +

Others to be announced orally/ further nominations to be collected/approved


# Audit committee (3 required): soren Haar (Be) Tim Ryan (Ire) Javier Martin-Domingo (Sp)…


# NOMINATIONS TO BOARD POSTS (to 30/11): Alphabetical order

President: William Horsley, Otmar Lahodynsky

Sec-Gen: Tibor Macak, Violetta Teetor

VP (3) : Javier Fernandez Arribas, Oana Enacescu, Irina Ned, Saia Tsaousidou  - NB 4 candidates

Treasurer: Luigi Cobisi


Special Representatives: GA to hear self-presentations and discuss/ approve: Jozsef Horvath (interim – for new sections)


Contingency: If not elected President – W.H. to continue as MF Representative

If not elected VP – Irina Ned appointed to Board as Special rep for Disinformation/fake news


Other items: Outgoing Board members to raise, and respond to comments/ questions at GA

Minutes by WH