29/12/2008 - Letter no. 4 - 2008



  1. AEJ CONGRESS 2008 in Linz
  2. AEJ and 'Media Freedom in Europe'
  3. New elected AEJ Board
  4. AEJ Executive Committee 2009/1 and AEJ European Journalist Prize
  5. AEJ Congress 2009 in Maastricht
  6. Website and new email address for AEJ Greece.


1) Successful AEJ Congress 2008 in Linz, Austria (20-23 November)

After the bad news in Newsletter 2008 no. 3 that the 2008 AEJ Congress could not be held in Maastricht, the President of AEJ Austria, Otmar Lahodynsky, took the initiative to organise the 2008 Congress in Linz, Austria.

The 80 delegates were offered an insight into the preparations and programme of Linz 2009 European Capital of Europe. A tour of this ancient city on the Danube resulted in a completely fresh perspective of the city. The General Assembly started with a message of greeting of the Austrian Minister for European and International Affairs Ursula Plassnik. During he meeting a new international board (see below) and other officials as members of the Executive Committee, the Arbitration Committee and the Audit Committee, were elected.

The delegates showed their thanks and appreciation to the sponsors who supported this annual AEJ event: Linz 209 Kulturhauptstadt Europas; Land Oberösterreich; IV Industriellenvereinigung Oberösterreich;
Bundespressedienst Österreich; EPAMEDIA, Public Space Advertising; Schärdinger (milkand cheese) and Brau Union.

2) AEJ and 'Media Freedom in Europe'

On the Saturday afternoon of the Congress, during a four hour meeting, the flagship project of the AEJ 'Media Freedom in Europa' was on the agenda with reports by the AEJ sections about the situation in their country and with very lively discussions. The meeting was prepared and chaired by William Horsley, AEJ Media Freedom Rep. Guest of honour was Mr. Matthias Traimer, chairman of the Council of Europe Media Steering Committee. For more information about this meeting and for the full texts of William Horsley’s Annual Report on the AEJ and Media Freedom and for the Country Reports, visit

3) AEJ General Assembly elects new international board

In Linz, the General Assembly of the AEJ elected, for a period 0f 2 years, a new international board: Diego Carcedo (Spain), President; Jozsef Horvath (Hungary), Eileen Dunne (Ireland) and Carmelo Occhino (Italy), Vice-Presidents; N. Peter Kramer (Belgium), Secretary-General and Saiah Tsaousidou (Greece), Treasurer.

4) AEJ ExCom 2009/1 and AEJ Journalist Prize in Athens (13 February)

For the second year in a row, the Greek AEJ section will organise the first meeting 2009 of the Executive Committee in Athens: 13 February.
On the same day, the ceremonies for the AEJ Journalist Prize 2008 and the Kalligas Awards will take place.
Sponsor of the events is the Greek National Bank.

5) AEJ Congress/General Assembly 2009: Maastricht, 19-22 November

During the Linz AEJ Congress 2008, the Dutch AEJ section announced to be ready to organise the 2009 Congress/General Assembly in Maastricht.

6) Website and new emailaddress for AEJ Greece

The Greek section of the AEJ informed us that their emailaddress changed in: [email protected] and that everybody is welcome to visit their new website: