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individual journalists through their membership of national sections. As an independent and self-funding association we promote critical journalism in the European integration process; and defend the freedom of information and freedom of the press in Europe. The AEJ offers journalists the chance to be part of our professional and social network."

Focus on Media Freedom

The AEJ is an official Observer in the Council of Europe's Media Steering Committee.

The AEJ’s Media Freedom Representative, William Horsley, with other media and NGO organisations, has called on Member States to fulfil their 2009 pledge to ensure that national anti-terrorism laws are not misused to block legitimate freedom of expression.

The AEJ welcomes the focus on media freedom in the Decision by Ministers’ Deputies, but questions the failure to adopt more far-reaching measures to counter attacks on journalists’ lives and work.

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Alarm as Romania moves to scrap TV and Radio Licence fee: the end of public service broadcasting?

In a fresh alert published on the Council of Europe’s online Platform for the protection of journalism and safety of journalists, the EFJ/IFJ, AEJ and index on Censorship have called on Romanian members of parliament to reject a bill to abolish the licence fee system that underpins the country’s public service broadcasting system. Instead, the proposed legislation would give the state direct control over the funding of Romanian national TV and radio, in direct contravention of agreed European standards which call for states to enable PSB broadcasting systems entrusted with maintaining standards of impartiality and fairness in the public interest.

AEJ joins media and human rights groups’ protest against Turkey’s extension of emergency laws

A coalition of 25 international human rights and journalists’ organisations -- including Amnesty International, Article 19, PEN International and the AEJ -- has issued a joint statement to condemn Turkey’s ‘unjustifiable limitations’ on press freedom and its widespread abuses of fundamental human rights under the state of emergency that was extended for a further three months on Wednesday by government decree. The statement especially denounces Turkey’s removal of essential safeguards against the use of torture and arbitrary justice, and its mass closures of media outlets and arrests and imprisonment of journalists. It calls on Turkey to immediately revoke the state of emergency that was imposed in July within days of a failed and violent coup attempt. It also calls urgently on the European Union, the USA and international human rights bodies to publicly condemn these human rights violations, and to press Turkey to rescind the emergency laws at once.

AEJ deplores abrupt closure of Népszabadság, voices concern about political motivation

Népszabadság, Hungary’s leading daily newspaper and one of the last critical voices among the country’s national media, was suddenly closed on Saturday, prompting thousands of Budapest residents to take to the streets to protest at what many see as a new attack on press freedom in Hungary...

AEJ in Council of Europe consultations on Turkey’s ‘abuse’ of emergency laws against independent media

The AEJ and seven other European journalistic and press freedom organisations met the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, and other officials in Strasbourgon Thursdayfor intensive discussions about the critical situation for independent journalism in Turkey following July’s failed coup and the imposition of a state of emergency which has enabled President Erdogan’s government to rule by decree.

Ten years on, journalists’ groups renew the urgent call for killers of Anna Politkovskaya to be found and punished

Today marks exactly ten years since the cold-blooded murder in Moscow of the highly respected Russian journalists Anna Politkovskaya, whose fearless reporting laid bare numerous atrocities, torture and other severe human rights abuses in Chechnya.

Turkish media freedom groups publish joint statement denouncing ‘silencing’ of media following the failed coup

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