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individual journalists through their membership of national sections. As an independent and self-funding association we promote critical journalism in the European integration process; and defend the freedom of information and freedom of the press in Europe. The AEJ offers journalists the chance to be part of our professional and social network."

Focus on Media Freedom

The AEJ is an official Observer in the Council of Europe's Media Steering Committee.

The AEJ’s Media Freedom Representative, William Horsley, with other media and NGO organisations, has called on Member States to fulfil their 2009 pledge to ensure that national anti-terrorism laws are not misused to block legitimate freedom of expression.

The AEJ welcomes the focus on media freedom in the Decision by Ministers’ Deputies, but questions the failure to adopt more far-reaching measures to counter attacks on journalists’ lives and work.

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AEJ News

Judge blocks extradition of Julian Assange to USA

Julian Assange, Australian journalist, whistleblower and founder of "WikiLeaks" who revealed US-war crimes in the Middle East, will not be extradited to the US, but has to stay in the UK high-security prison in Belmarsh. The judge, Vanessa Baraitser, stated that the abusive U.S. prison system could not protect him from suicide. But she also said Assange’s conduct “went beyond that of a journalist” in agreeing to help Chelsea Manning crack a password and in telling her that “curious eyes never run dry,” encouraging her to leak more files. The release of unredacted cables (of US-army and CIA) was “indiscriminate”. The US will appeal against the ruling.

4 years jail-sentence for Chinese blogger

She reported with videos and blogs about the Corona-disease in Wuhan and how citizens were treated. In Mai she was abducted by Chinese Police. Before she was sentenced to 4 years’ in prison for "stirring up unrest" she started a hunger strike.

Letter from AEJ-President

Some thoughts at the end of the year by Otmar Lahodynsky to all sections and members of AEJ

C Ralph Manfreda

Turkey: 27 years prison-sentence for journalist Can Dundar

The former editor-in-chief of Turkish opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet was charged with terrorism and espionage. He fled to Germany in 2016 amid Ankara’s crackdown on journalists after a failed coup.

AEJ Albania condemns the arrest of journalist Qamil Xhani by the police: Statement

The Association of European Journalists’ Albanian section strongly condemns with the utmost severity the arrest for several hours of the editor-in-chief and vice-president of the Association, mr. Qamil Xhani. This is an act beyond the legal framework by the police force, which shows once again that law enforcement, and the political leaders of this majority nurture a language of violence and aggression towards media employees. The arrest took place...

AEJ sends support message to Albanian newspaper editor arrested for filming police violence