"Across Europe, the AEJ brings together

individual journalists through their membership of national sections. As an independent and self-funding association we promote critical journalism in the European integration process; and defend the freedom of information and freedom of the press in Europe. The AEJ offers journalists the chance to be part of our professional and social network."

Focus on Media Freedom

The AEJ is an official Observer in the Council of Europe's Media Steering Committee.

The AEJ’s Media Freedom Representative, William Horsley, with other media and NGO organisations, has called on Member States to fulfil their 2009 pledge to ensure that national anti-terrorism laws are not misused to block legitimate freedom of expression.

The AEJ welcomes the focus on media freedom in the Decision by Ministers’ Deputies, but questions the failure to adopt more far-reaching measures to counter attacks on journalists’ lives and work.

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Germany’s EU-Presidency: AEJ-President’s comment

Merkel takes over the EU Presidency – her second time at helm after 2007 – at a very critical time for the European Union. The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the EU into its worst recession in the bloc’s history. All EU countries – especially Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal – have been badly hit and are now hoping for solidarity aid for the post-pandemic reconstruction.

Foto: Ralph Manfreda

Free expression organisations call for release of Julian Assange from jail

RSF and AEJ are among over 40 press freedom and human rights groups which co-signed a joint letter to the UK Justice Minister. It calls for Julian Assange to be freed from custody and for the UK government to block America’s bid for his extradition and likely life sentence for publishing Iraq “war logs” and other classified information in the public interest….

AEJ expresses urgent concerns about  threat of prison term against Bulgarian media owner for voicing ‘opinions’ 

The international Association of European Journalists is urgently concerned about the questionable conduct of legal proceedings in a court case against Bulgarian media owner and businessman Ivo Prokopiev. The case could lead to a criminal conviction and to Mr Prokopiev being sentenced to a prison sentence  on unsound and tenuous grounds...

Open Letter to the German EU-Presidency to engage in defending media freedom

The German Presidency of the Council of the European Union begins at a difficult time, in which concerted efforts from across the social, economical and political spectrum are required. European values and cohesion are under strain. The COVID-19 pandemic poses major challenges to the EU and the wider world – including to press freedom. The health crisis has revealed the crucial importance of independent journalism, and the free flow of reliable information. Moreover, debates around Brexit and the climate crisis show the need for independent, investigative journalism, even more so as journalists reporting on environmental topics are under threat.

AEJ signs Open Letter with other media-organisations

Groups launch global protest against Turkey’s move to block radio station

The AEJ joins PEN International and other organisations in joint protest against blocking of Germany-based Ozguruz radio station and harassment of exiled Turkish journalist Can Dundar...

Poland’s public radio Channel 3 is a hot test for the survival of public service broadcasting