Media Freedom

AEJ & the Council of Europe

Observer status at the Council of Europe's Steering Committee on Media and New Communication Services (CMDC) was granted to the AEJ in 2008. The AEJ is represented by the Media Freedom Representative, William Horsley.

The CMDC sets norms and standards relating to the media's work and seeks to protect the media's legitimate rights in a democracy. It deals with freedom of expression in the context of the new communications services, in addition to its efforts for traditional media and their role in the democratic process.

The AEJ also supports the Council of Europe's 2009 anti-discrimination campaign. William Horsley has taken part in the meetings of the Group of Experts on Media and Diversity.

On 28-29 May 2009, the Council of Europe held a Ministerial Conference on the Media and New Communication Services in Reykjavik. The Ministers made Political Declarations and Resolutions, including a pledge to review Anti-Terrorism laws so that they comply with the European Convention on Human Rights, especially Article 10 which protects freedom of expression.

For the AEJ, William Horsley signed a statement by the Reykjavik Forum of 40 civil society organisations. It called on Member States to fully implement their pledge to review their laws regularly to protect freedom of expression as a core democratic freedom.

A senior representative of the Council of Europe took part in the AEJ's media freedom session at the Linz Congress in November 2008.

Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner addresses AEJ 2009 Congress

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